The Blessed Beginnings Pregnancy and Parenting Educational Center is committed to the sanctity of human life, especially in its most vulnerable early stages. As a pro-life agency that honors every single human being with the dignity and respect they deserve, we are dedicated to providing the support and education young parents who choose life need to have happy, healthy babies and children. Our Blessed Beginnings program focuses on the critical time period from the woman’s pregnancy through the age of five—a child’s most formative years.

Services Offered


Free pregnancy and parenting classes provided in English and Spanish at the Moran Center (2615 Fannin Street, Houston, TX 77002 | MAP). These classes are also offered in collaboration with other nonprofit organizations and high schools in the Greater Houston Area. A wide variety of critical prenatal and parenting topics are covered, including post-partum physical care, bonding and attachment, breastfeeding, sudden infant death syndrome, shaken baby syndrome, car seat safety, age-appropriate play, positive discipline, budgeting and much more!

Download our 2017 Blessed Beginnings Flyer to see dates and times

Material Assistance

Program participants may be eligible to receive baby items such as diapers, bottles, clothes, cribs, car seats and age-appropriate learning toys.

Self-Administered Pregnancy Tests

Facilitated daily by appointment; walk-ins are also accepted.

Individual Education and Consultations

Ongoing parental support is essential, so case managers coordinate and guide moms and dads over several years through our case management model. We help families develop goals and find resources for their needs. We have volunteer mentors available that can walk alongside clients to share their own parenting experience and help new or struggling parents know they are not alone as they work to increase their knowledge and skills.

Professional Counseling

  • Counseling services can support mothers and families experiencing stress, anxiety, depression and other challenges associated with life’s changes.
  • Individual and family counseling is available at no cost to mothers with children under the age of two.
  • Women with children 2 years and older can also be served with counseling and may qualify for services at a reduced rate. To learn more call our intake line: 713.874.6590, option 2.
  • Counseling Services are also available in English or Spanish.

Eligibility Criteria

Pregnant women, dads-to-be and parents of children under the age of five.

Service Area/ Location

Classes and individual appointments are located at the Moran Center: 2615 Fannin Street at McGowen, Houston, Texas 77002. We also host classes in the community and at schools.


If you would like to sign up for one of our classes or talk to our team about how we can help you, please call 713-874-6760. If you would like to partner and set up classes at your facility or if you would like to support the program in any way, please call 713-874-6632 for more information.


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